1.20.20 Beloved Community

Friday took me down. I woke with 101.5 fever and chills. I’m recovering. I made it to church yesterday with a nap thereafter. Today, I was slated to spend the day with my son low key. And I’ve wondered how much time off I should take away from waving in order to get fully well.…

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1.15.20 Welcome Home

So many of the people that turn on to Vantage Point Road are heading home. I continue to see so many of the same cars and faces making the turn ready to arrive home at the end of a long day, transporting their kids back and forth, and jetting off to the next destination. I…

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1.13.20 Monday Shoutout

Shoutout. There were a lot of teens on the road to today–with their parents and without. One group of girls gave out a “Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii,” all three waving with delight with the windows down. Two older boys were at the corner at one point. They both waved and I could hear their music and saw them…

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1.8.20 Make Believe

My son chose theĀ  “Hot Air Balloon” episode of Mr. Rogers together today. He saw a hot air balloon adventure with Mr. McFeely and then a make believe scene involving two birds on balloons. When the birds made it back to King Friday’s, they had a balloon dance party. This will have to satisfy my…

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1.7.20 Little Free Pantry

With all the talk of snow, I got some waving in early today. I was out there around 9:40 a.m. I had a couple of good brief conversations with folks that rolled down their windows and called out. One was an Rider Bus Driver. She was happy to hear that I was a Pastor. “Ohhh,…

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1.6.20 Precious Life

The sun was out in full and kept the wind from feeling too brisk on this Epiphany Day. I had my sun glasses on and had to shield my eyes much of the time with my left arm and mitten. Shortly after arriving on the corner, an older gentleman, “Mr. G.” approached me. “I’m curious.…

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The Painted Prayerbook

Artist and author Jan Richardson explores the intersections of word, image, and faith.

Kittamaqundi Community Church

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