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6.13.20 Butterflies at Kittamaqundi Community Church. They are here! Check out the wooden butterfly art display at Leaf Treader and Vantage Point Roads in Columbia, Maryland. Take a photo and spread your #kcwonderwings. Special thanks to Ken K., Martha L., and Marty D. for making them possible!

4.11.20 Elaine shares this precious photo from a friend of hers. The friend’s son was lamenting the loss of a birthday party in this time of distancing. He welcomed the idea of a Birthday Parade and led it off with a joyous beat!

Elaine's friend Parade birthday

4.5.20 Some folks got creative for Palm Sunday online worship. Jerry created his very own zoom backdrop!

Jerry Brown Palm backdrop

3.28.20 A beautiful retreat image from Juls:

Juls Heart

3.27.20 Donations to the Maryland Food Bank by Kittamaqundi Community and Friends

Food Bank Donations 2
Food Bank Donations 1

3.27.20 from Sue C.: “Sunrise Meditation”

Sue Cavendish Sunrise Drawing

3.20.20 Heart Opener

Vanessa shares this beautiful Youtube video from Sweet Honey in the Rock. Check it out here! Heart Wide Open

3.19.20 From Jerry B.: “My Ash Wednesday candle sat idle for a few days until we decided it would be a fitting Lenten candle for the dinner table. Each night it shines to remind us of the resurrection at then end of this liturgical season and our return to new life at the end of this viral season.”

Joy Photo Page Jerry Candle

3.18.20 From the Sacred Garden Sidewalk Chalking:


3.15.20  Ken outside the church ready to great (at a distance) those that didn’t get the message about church closure. Thankful we were there when a church friend showed up. The doors are closed, but our hearts are not!


3.14.20 Before the social distancing commenced, the Building and Grounds Team at Kittamaqundi Community Church opened up the Sacred Garden Pond for the Season! Check out these committed dredgers:

20.03.14 Buildings and Grounds Pond

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