12.10.19 Cherry Picker

My son loves trucks. At bedtime we often read through books outlining all the construction vehicles. A cherry picker is often among them. The utility worker waved today before he climbed up to work on the camera at Little Patuxent west bound. I thought of the skill necessary to operate the machinery and to fix…

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12.9.19 Washout

Rain. Rain almost the full day without letting up. Consistent. Soggy, soaking kind of rain. I thought more than once about jumping out there on the corner. I had my balloon ready to go an my golashes all set. Instead, I have been here at the church thinking on all the neighbors huddled in today…

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12.7.19 Sabbath

“Be open, calm, receptive.” These were the encouraging adjectives of my yoga instructor today. I entered such a space on the mat today–especially coming down off of a cold. I realized, too, that these words also describe my sense of inner flow while on the Little Patuxent Corner. Even as I am in constant motion…

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12.6.19 Sprinkles

Lady in the bright green sedan: “What are you doing out here?” Me: “Trying to spread a little joy.” In the midst of the light rain on an overcast afternoon, the lady pulled up to the light and rolled down her passenger side window. Her question was the same I had received via countless puzzled…

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12.4.19 Kids in Cars

“Try your best to make goodness attractive. That’s one of the toughest assignments you’ll ever be given.” – Fred Rogers There is a special child-like quality to the standing on the street with the balloon. As I have described it to my children, they are not incredulous. Getting the heart and mind to go out…

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12.3.19 First Impressions

I nearly didn’t make it out. On my way to the Vantage Point Road in another area of Columbia, I saw a man waving with a sign that read: “Jesus.” I immediately felt my questions and judgment: “What is his motive?” And this coming from me, a pastor! This was just the kind of thing…

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The Painted Prayerbook

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