7.31.20 Good Trouble

Snapshots from July’s Last Week…when we passed the midway point of summer’s peak. When the world felt hot like our driveway, when mosquitoes nested in the Sacred Garden’s pond abutting our United States. As we could feel the biting energy of pandemic across the nation. And found respite by the inflatable pool. We rowed ourContinue reading “7.31.20 Good Trouble”

7.22.20 Interplanetary Prayer

When you go visit prayers stations in the midst of space week… We’ve been busy cutting out our planets to create the solar system on the dining room wall. Sadly, the seascape came down. My son lamented that the poor octopus was “so sad” to be replaced. There is a time and season for everything.Continue reading “7.22.20 Interplanetary Prayer”

7.10.20 The Farmer Takes a Wife

We’ve entered into “Summer Camp” at my house. My daughter helped me chart some themes for this month to help guide our activities. We launched into farm time, focusing on pigs, horses, cows, and tractors. A little bit of focus can go a long way. A socially distanced trip to Clark’s Elioak Farm meant thatContinue reading “7.10.20 The Farmer Takes a Wife”