5.31.20 May’s Last Days

A long week. Zoom meetings each night mean less time to reflect and to post. Fewer moments to take in the day’s wisdom. This has been a hard stretch to find joy in. Between the death of George Floyd and the ongoing realities of pandemic, I’m grateful for a few moments at the last of May to pause with thanks for these moments with my children.

Know that in the midst of these activities were hard conversations with my daughter about both the virus and the violence unfolding in our country. I continue to plot which books will be in our online cart next. I consider whether I can go to the peaceful protest next week with #blacklivesmatter of Columbia as we social distance. I brainstorm which things I can tackle and how to pray deeply while wide-eyed in front of screens. Praying you find place of peace in the wind down of this week.

On our way to a Labyrinth
We set up a picnic in the middle.
Step on each letter to make a word. My daughter loved this to no end. My son loved interrupting us.
Sea creatures in the style of Eric Carle. This scene was long in the making. Watch out for that shark!
Obligatory pre-haircut pic.
Mom somehow wielded the clippers. We’ll ignore the minor bald patches.

Published by Rev. Claire Matheny

Pastor | Kittamaqundi Community Church | Columbia, Maryland

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