4.21.20 Earth Day Emerges

My family took a windy walk tonight. We visited the mandala that the kids and I have been working on since Sunday. My daughter had the idea to “create the earth!” knowing that the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day comes tomorrow. We’ve been adding to the art incrementally-sharing new blossoms and tending to the terrain. It’s our little evolution of love.


I tried to piece together Europe-Asia-Africa with a North and South American glimpse on the left. I think I was subtedly reminding the kids that we aren’t the center of the universe.


The addition of extra leaves and ornamentation. Indeed, think of the signs of new life emerging in a time of pandemic when humanity is a little more hands off.


A few more pops of color added at dusk. Lavender azaleas from our yard carefully transported down the greens today.

What state will the earth be in tomorrow? Our art is always at the mercy of the golf mowers and the winds and the rain. Seeing our little map on this open spot is a powerful reminder of the vunerability of our world.

Yet, we are amazed at how in tact our creations often remain even in dodgy weather and with numerous dogs and walkers about. In fact our little spot seems to stay more integrated than we do over the course of a day.

How many times do little dust storms– petty fights–send us in a tailspin? How many times do I find myself raising my voice and disintegrating into threats: “If you do ______, than no_______ (special treat).”  I wish it didn’t take threats in order for us to act with compassion and love to preserve our life together. I wish the same for our earth care.

This past Sunday, Sue from our church presented on a Tempestry Project. An interfaith group of knitters in Frederick, Maryland, worked hard to stitch 1900-2060 on a wide panel. The post-its in the below photo mark our current year, 2020. You will see a large black crack. With no substantial change, we head toward the lower half of the crack. With concerted efforts, we can head more slowly down the upper section with lessened red. What a stark visual for the challenges we face with our ever warming planet!

Tempestry on wall

Tempestry tempsAs we live now into the surreal elements of pandemic, we are in deep touch with the fragility of life. We are reminded of the temporal nature of our systems, and the shortsighted reality of our policies.

And also…how interconnected we are. How much the fabric of our destiny is wrapped up in our care and concern for all. How much a Spirit of unity can come even as so many isolate from one another.

And how much we must re-reprioritize now and ever the means for life over the means of war. The means of preservation over the means of pollution. The availability of life-saving measures over the constant fueling of weapons of destruction. That the beleagured wind, land, and sky might survive us. As we seek to survive this global pandemic, I pray, too that our earth would endure well pastime my lifetime.





Published by Rev. Claire Matheny

Pastor | Kittamaqundi Community Church | Columbia, Maryland

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