4.10.20 Wildlife

It’s easy to get lost in Holy Week. Like for others, the days in this stretch have been blurring a bit. Some moments feel like puddles of preschool tears. Others, dance along with new energy and imagination. We’ve had a wide flurry of learning themes to color our days. And, some unexpected visitors have shown up on our walks and from the vantage point of our home.

Yesterday, we recreated our mandala as a tall house where all are welcome. Whether anyone comes by and notices or not, there is something so vital to our tending of this little stretch of earth. It reminds me of the corner waving that I did. Showing up to a sacred spot and seeking to live into the joy and materials of the moment.

Celebrate along with me, as you would, the joys that pop up through wildlife and through the concerted moments of being together. Here are some of our pre-Easter blessings.

Finding all the bugs that were scattered all over the playroom before then going out and seeing a host of bugs on our outdoor walk:


Signs of humor as neighbors don their yard animals with masks:

A water snake bathing in the sun on a rock. Not far away (but safely up a bank), we created a big home for everyone:

Last night, we shouted as we saw a fox approaching the house from our dinner table. He circled our home before roaming the neighborhood:


Perhaps you, too, have seen signs of wildlife while you are living this wild, distanced life. May the animals big and small be harbingers of hope as they go about the cycles of creation. May we on this Good Friday, celebrate the life that comes in proximity to both joy and suffering, structure and wildness, laughter and tears.



Published by Rev. Claire Matheny

Pastor | Kittamaqundi Community Church | Columbia, Maryland

One thought on “4.10.20 Wildlife

  1. You touch my heart so often. Thank you for your sensitive perspective of this time, our natural world and the many feelings we all share. Our world is changing rapidly and I am so glad you are in it and guide me.


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