4.5.20 Palm Sunday

I don’t have adequate words to capture this day that was simultaneously wonderful, discouraging, and exhausting. Live worship. Palms waving remotely. Two tired kiddos desperate for people and fresh air. Stretching into creativity to live into the mundane and beautiful. Somehow entering Holy Week with hope and dread. Here are the bright spots, friends. Worth capturing some joy on this pandemic Palm Sunday.

The crowds gathered in anticipation:



Continuing to chalk as this is the chalkiest time ever:


A long promised “brinner” complete with caterpillar pancakes with carrot legs, blueberry eyes, green bean grass (schwoo, we are soone running low on fresh produce…), and little butterflies to signify new life coming.


May all manner of things be well as the morning would come oh so soon. Next up, “M” is for Monday. An evening ZOOM with a close friend was balm for the soul. And now bed. Love to you all–

Published by Rev. Claire Matheny

Pastor | Kittamaqundi Community Church | Columbia, Maryland

One thought on “4.5.20 Palm Sunday

  1. You make eating fun, yummy, meaningful, a springboard for conversation and newness.

    Richard Rohr’s would certainly delight…..

    I’m also reminded of the potent words,
    “It is good to break bread together”.

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