3.18.20 Hope Springs Eternal

img_2320I didn’t know how glad I would be that we live by a golf course. Especially with the golf course closed, there are paths and stretches of open green space. My kids can take a nature walk and romp in our neighborhood without coming across many folks. I went on stretches of paths today I have not in my 21 months of living here.

Beautiful forsythia surprised us.

We also took a bike ride. I wanted to check on the church. That is something we pastors have a hard time not doing. I didn’t go into the building, but I took my kids by bike carriage to our Sacred Garden. I offered up some prayerful messages in chalk in case there were some dogwalkers that would be passing through.

img_2343When my son saw the statue of Libby Rouse and her dog over by our pond, he stopped and crouched pensively. He pointed over: “There’s a dog with her.” We’ve been learning about dogs this week and I was struck by his thoughtful consideration as if this was the first time he noticed the marble canine despite countless times playing in the garden.

My daughter took to chalking–adding her flourishes to my words and copying her own along with balloon squiggles and hearts.

On the way back after crossing near my waving corner, I saw one of the neighbors I have befriended through the season of balloon pastoring. “Hey!” We exchanged greetings and introduced him to the kids as they sat distanced in their little carrier. I wished him well as he headed to work.img_2345

I then looked up to see the man and car that had in the past offered me the middle finger. We didn’t look face-to-face, but I saw him see me and the carriage. Close-up today he didn’t seem so angry.

Funny, because there seems to be a lot of intense emotion all around. I know I myself have spurts of anger that come out during home school stretches. Sometimes it isn’t raising my voice so much as complaining or having unreasonable expectations of my little ones navigating all of these changes. I pray for patience, for guidance as I live into a new role. Pastoring and parenting in pandemic. Day 3 in the books.

May the photo messages of the sidewalk reach you in your sequestering: “Hope Springs Eternal.”–Alexander Pope

It’s supposed to rain tonight and I fully expect that our sentiments will be swept away. But that doesn’t mean we don’t keep sending our joy unto the world. For we all so need it…






Published by Rev. Claire Matheny

Pastor | Kittamaqundi Community Church | Columbia, Maryland

One thought on “3.18.20 Hope Springs Eternal

  1. Thank you Claire for your daily blog,
    I am happy to see your children. I really miss my students and my school family. This downtime has good but long. I am slowly going through my list of house projects. A schedule is keeping me sane. I try to read, pray, yoga, walks with my dog Maggie, and connect daily with family and friends.
    Best of all it’s the first day of Spring and the birds and flowers bring my joy. God is good.
    Love, Maria


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