3.5.20 S is for…


As I was coming down the sidewalk to the corner this really bright afternoon, I nearly ran right into a church person and her daughter. It was great to hear her daughter’s puzzling over the last week’s as she saw someone on the corner and had the realization that it was her mother’s pastor. We had some good laughs right there on the sidewalk in front of Vantage House.

03.05.20 Balloon Pastor Pat Robin 2

The sun was out in force again with high temps. There was some good time for waving with hellos here and there to runners and walkers and bikers. I got to meet and pet an elderly dog before heading back up the path…

When I was getting out of the car at home, a neighborhood boy on his bike was there in my driveway and I offered him my yellow balloon. Not to be out done, his little brother was soon at my door: “Do you have any more balloons?” He was impressed when I gave him a choice and blew it up right then at the door and there with the tank.

What a sight to look out at my street and see the two little guys on their bikes with cheery yellow balloons drifting in the wind with them.

As for my house, we continue our daily celebration of the alphabet. Each day my two kids take turns decorating a letter from the alphabet Today was “s” and my four-year old took it on. We keep a look out for words that start with the letter throughout the day and report back in for dinner.

Today’s report: My favorite s word today was sidewalk as it leads me to and from the corner. It was sunny. It was sensational to meet familiar friends. I saw a shit-zu. I sat down with my family with our salmon and salad.

It’s the little things, friends. All these lead to the bigger container of joy.

Now, if only all stores weren’t out of sanitizer! My prayers are with this ongoing corona outbreak–those affected and the overall atmosphere and welleing of all.



Published by Rev. Claire Matheny

Pastor | Kittamaqundi Community Church | Columbia, Maryland

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