3.3.20 Synergy

Soaring temps! 60 degrees and no coat. Just a pair of sunglasses and my trusty bob hat to meet the day balloon in hand. Many people were walking or riding, enjoying the light. 20.03.03 Balloon Pastor Sun Shadow

Earlier, a Lenten study class had been discussing Henri Nouwen’s book Life of the Beloved at the church. We got to talking about what we bring into the world and how we are choosing to show up.  One participant referenced the man who had been giving the middle finger and then has stopped lately. We talked about not knowing how we will show up will affect others and how to come to terms with continuing into a call. We can believe in our own belovedness, or chosenness, but not at the expense of others’ belovedness. We trust that each is unique and a part of the motions that stretch through and beyond all of us.

We don’t know what our actions will stir in others. I proceed with some caution while the joy continues to burst from within. Some are in a place to receive, others will go about their ways focused on how they need to be in the world. We as church ask ourselves questions about how we as community choose to show up. How will our energies meet and catalyze?

On the corner, two different church folks stopped by to say hi in the midst of the sun. One got to meet my corner friend who catches the bus. It was fun synergeistically to introduce folks as we all reveled in the weather.




Published by Rev. Claire Matheny

Pastor | Kittamaqundi Community Church | Columbia, Maryland

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