2.28.20 The Leap

20.02.28 Balloon Pastor Pedestrian SignLeap weekend begins. I found myself leaning a bit on my little corner mound today. I always hear my third-grade music teacher in my head out there: “Don’t lock your knees!” So, I was moving my stance and leaning a a bit into the afternoon.

Two rugged bikers came and went. Their thick tires and muddy rims were evidence of many adventures on rough terrain. They cheerfully shared about their trails. They seem like the kind of guys that don’t wait for excitement to find them–they are out there ready to meet a new challenge head on.

Here we are all leaning into a leap day tomorrow–this extra day that happens on us every four years. I wondered what the passers by would be doing with the bonus before them. I could feel more energy in the air than mid-week, no doubt people ready to start a weekend.

And many of us carry, too, the trepidation of Coronavirus. All the reports of its spread has us all on edge wondering when it will make its way to Maryland.

As we lean together, hopefully we can take heart.

On my walk home,  I noticed the roots from an aging tree that have in time moved the shape of the sidewalk. No one day did this. It was the little leaps of measured growth that enabled the tree to ripple the walkway.

Along the way, it takes our big jumps of adventure and our steady motion through adversity. May the Bonus of a Leap Day help you take the step into an expedition. Perhaps this deep leaning is just the jumpstart needed for the marathon of slow growth awaiting.  This is often the course of Lent.

20.0228 Balloon Pastor Leap Weekend



Published by Rev. Claire Matheny

Pastor | Kittamaqundi Community Church | Columbia, Maryland

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