2.27.20 Beyond Superstition

I googled “likelihood of getting two double egg yolks in a row.”

I’ve never gotten a double yolked egg in my life that I recall. Suddenly, there was one in the pan this morning. I went to crack the second egg, and whoa! Two double egg yolks in a row.  It looked creepy. Upon research, getting a double egg yolk likelihood is 1/1000 eggs. I entered the morning feeling like I had reached some strange Yahtzee. Superstition also has it that double egg yolks can portend good luck. Double good luck?Double Egg Yolks

It’s funny how even just the suggestion that luck coming keeps one on heightened alert, eyes wide open for good things unfolding. Today was a day for slowing, for moving with intention into Lent– even as the whipping winds encircled Columbia and Little Patuxent Parkway. Twice I felt like I could have been blown over while standing at the corner.

A man parked his car and came and talked to me: “The other day I saw a woman out here talking to you, so I thought I’d come out here, too, to see what you are up to.”

He seemed a little let down when I talked about sharing joy. It seems that he and many have really wanted there to be some next and larger thing I am pointing to. Perhaps they want me to reveal some source of luck and hope.  It seems to me that folks are uncertain of what they will hear and finding out allows them to move on with confidence that they are not missing out on something more.

In addition to the wind, the sun was blinding. With increasingly longer days, it has been higher in the sky at 3:30 p.m. The glare was so bright that I couldn’t see into the majority of windows that were driving east. I just kept waving, catching glimpses here and there of a hand outstretched. People could see me, but I couldn’t see them. This was a good reminder of the effort to share good thoughts that flow to each car, to each truck and bus and van–whether or not they wave, whether or not they see or care to see .

The brightness reminded me of the intensity of four yolks staring at me this morning.

Couldn’t we all use signs of double blessing? And when we alight on them, why not wave them toward the unknown needs of those passing the corner as well as the wild uncertainty of the wider world…


20.02.27 Balloon Pastor Windy Glare
20.02.27 Balloon Pastor Windy Glare Double Blessings


Published by Rev. Claire Matheny

Pastor | Kittamaqundi Community Church | Columbia, Maryland

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