2.19.20 Pop!

Bounding down the hill. Low-hanging limbs. A sudden “pop!”…

20.02.19 Balloon Pastor Popped

And I looked down to see my yellow balloon limp! A bit carefless on my walk down as the piney trees pricked it.

Thankfully, the sun was bright, serving as the bright round orb for the afternoon. Perhaps today instead of the balloon accompanying me, I was the sun’s companion and she had me tethered with a sense of joy and enjoyed me bobbing about.

Plenty of folks recognized and received the waves even without my bouncy friend. It became a point of laughter with some of the regulars. I could point and smile and shrug. And we would chuckle together. That’s life. We know the language of changed expectations. Pretty amazing to make it thus far without such calamity.

One neighbor, “K” stopped good-naturedly on her walk. “It’s nice to meet you. I had heard about your before and now I get to see you!”

At home, I was delighted to come across the below image among my child’s papers at supper time. I’d like to think that math can bring her joy!

However you might be feeling, perhaps more popped than lifted today, may you encounter the buoyed support of counter energy if you are ready to receive it. May friends surprise you in high places. May little sketches of hope dance across your dining room table.

20.02.19 Balloon Pastor Phoebe Paper Person



Published by Rev. Claire Matheny

Pastor | Kittamaqundi Community Church | Columbia, Maryland

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