2.12.20 Blue Heron


“It’s only the beginning.” I got this sense today that these months are the foundation for a broader expedition. The practice of waving is the extended start to years of spirituality at the sidewalk and in unexpected spaces. What does it mean to  be “public” with joy as I receive the daily stories of others?

A pack of four women runners paused at the light. One had an awesome tutu. It was a gift to wish them well on their jaunt around Wilde Lake. They described running as “therapy.” It sounded like running carves out similar spaces in them as things like yoga and waving do for me. “How wonderful that you get to run together!” They beamed.

A pizza delivery man slowed to wonder aloud what I was doing. He received the joy wholeheartedly. And then there were the regulars whose waves coaxed broad smiles out of me.

And the ultimate gift today–a blue heron flying almost directly overhead. It stretched its wide arms in full flight. I’m aware that just the east, over between Route 29 and the housing that flanks Vantage Point is a natural estuary with tall trees. This section is visible from one of our church’s friend’s porches. In those very high trees you will see the big nests of these magnificent birds.

Thank you, Heron, for the invitation to look upward from our holy ground. Thank you for nesting so near. Thank you for the mysterious sanctuary nestled beyond the condominiums. Keep building high perches from which to broadcast your story for the next generation. And I think, even as I remain planted on my perch: “How wonderful that we get to soar together!” in this little sliver of Maryland.

20.02.12 Balloon Pastor orange
The Blue Heron’s sky after she had flown by











Published by Rev. Claire Matheny

Pastor | Kittamaqundi Community Church | Columbia, Maryland

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