2.11.20 Soul Space

Hi, Friends,

We’ve gotten off to a particularly sloggy start to this week yesterday with not much end in sight until Friday. And there were bad weather days Wednesday-Friday last week. I am continuing to take time for reflection and to dive into the many tasks of the moment. Hopefully you are safe out there as you navigate the slick conditions. All the grayness emphasizes the need for centering in joy.

I was not patient with my children this morning. As I left the driveway, I wondered about the space that the corner offers my spirit and I felt its absence.

Now, I am not saying that waving on the corner magically makes me a better mother. However, tying my hopes to a balloon and showing up into the world sure helps me to have confidence in things beyond the usual bubble. I can attest that a calling, if a somewhat uncertain one at times, has brought broader perspective to the sibling quarrels and blunder breakfasts we regularly encounter at my house. And this calling to the corner brings broader pastoral perspective to the partisan and painful reporting. It helps to bring perspective to things I value and the means I will take to seek to make a difference.

May shelter be yours, where you need it today and for the steady drizzles promised ahead. May joy be yours as you seek to make a difference on your corner, in the lives of your co-workers, your family, your community, your country.

Parents especially–may patience be yours as you clean up one more spill, arbitrate one more argument, and leave the driveway again to face the wet world as you pray safe passage for your children.


20.02.11 Balloon Pastor wet Joy




Published by Rev. Claire Matheny

Pastor | Kittamaqundi Community Church | Columbia, Maryland

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