2.4.20 Special Election

Voting yesterday at Vantage House.

Folks are often thinking I am running for office, so they may have particularly thought that for Special Election Tuesday. I was able to stop over to my polling place on the walk from church to the corner.

What a gift to run into two neighborhood KC friends in the building. Otherwise, the corner had a decent stream of activity. I was joking with a congregant recently: “I know just about every look at human can give when encountering a strange woman on the corner with a balloon.” And it is true, I don’t press people. I know pretty right away if a person is open to engaging or would like to speak.

One woman stopped with her dog and let me pet her kindly canine. Her: You should carry a sign or something: “Free Hugs.” People don’t know what you are about.

There is a mystery to it with no obvious sign. Less for the mystique, I asure you. More for the simple fact that some folks are able to receive the wave as joy, and some not. A pastor to some. An anonymous (likely fool) person to others. Each remains from the corner’s vantage point, beloved.

I was surprised that the gentleman who has offered the middle finger three times before did not today. I saw him. Saw him turning. And it seemed like he made a conscious decision not to gesture. For whatever reason he made a different choice today: thank you.

My second big thank you is to the person in a parking lot in the morning out and about in Columbia. I had dropped by scarf. As I came back to my car, I saw the scarf hanging on a tree. What a gift to look up and see the scarf. Someone took a chance that the owner would be back and was so kind as to keep the white scarf from tire mark ruin. Do you think the scarf is waving?

20.02.04 Scarf in Tree



Published by Rev. Claire Matheny

Pastor | Kittamaqundi Community Church | Columbia, Maryland

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