1.28.20 Sky Opening

The sky opened up. It was this beautiful pocket of light in the clouds. Reminding me of the ways the Spirit continues to shine through the places in me that might rather close and squirrel away in the gray of the season.

One of the regular bus goers who had been skeptical of me early on had introduced himself recently. Today he said hello again and gave me a spontaneous hug: “Keep it up!” These were good words to hear on a day when I was sluggish to get out.

It sure helped when….

….the biker from yesterday came through again today and we chatted about her exercise. “I wasn’t getting out in the winter, but then I decided I shouldn’t let the cold stop me!”

…a pack of cross country runners came through peppering me with “Good afternoon!”

…I got that bright hug shortly before the middle finger guy came through. It had been a while. I had been wondering about him. Is it strange that it was good to see him? Like “oh, hi! I am glad you are alive and expressing yourself as you need to!” And I still wonder about his story. I wonder about the openings in his life and hope that he finds joy in the company of others. And I am sorry that I bring out something so viscerally unwanted on his journey.

…a mom and her two kids stopped me as I returned to the church wanting to know what I was up to: “I should be around, wave or stop by and talk again!”

And the sky touches each of us, seemingly so far out there, and really all the time within our reach.

20.01.28 Balloon Pastor Opening in the sky canva.JPG


Published by Rev. Claire Matheny

Pastor | Kittamaqundi Community Church | Columbia, Maryland

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