1.12.20 From the Porch Swing

I took a balloon to church today and wore it while I preached again. The joy I hope to share on the corner is something I carry for the thousands I don’t know zooming by. It’s also for those near and dear to me, those who know me by name and accept me as I am and as I can be.
I am the same person dedicated to a practice standing and waving as I am standing inside our church barn preaching. May my interior match my exterior. May Monday morning activity to be in congruence with my Sunday morning liturgy.
Liturgy means “work of the people.” I bring myself to the collaborative work of our lives together. I collaborate for worship planning and I collaborate on the corner with all who join in on the greetings. Any given afternoon, think of the symphony of waves that comes in the interaction! I am not the conductor, merely an eager participant!
I’ve been under the weather ongoingly as well as caring for my under the weather son. Sadly, I’ve been away from the corner to tend to our sinuses. With the surprising bright and balmy temperatures of today (65 degrees in January!), I hope that we’ve had the worst of colds and can return to our routines. Today, I take some restorative time to sit on our porch swing in some solitary preparation for the week while my son naps soundly.
20.01.12 Balloon Porch Swing
The swing was made lovingly by hand by a church member when we first moved to Columbia over a year ago. My trusty balloon waves by my side also seeming to give thanks for the unseasonable gentle warmth and breeze. I send out prayers to those in need of healing. May this day brings signs of hope for recovery.
These delicious moments of quiet.
The sun’s persistent rays.
The balloons that carry me to the corner.
For you who share in this space and the wider world with me.
For my friends and family
and the community I join in the Carriage House on Sundays
and the community I join weekdays at Little Patuxent Parkway.
I give thanks.
And hear comes my son, awake and ready to face the afternoon!

Published by Rev. Claire Matheny

Pastor | Kittamaqundi Community Church | Columbia, Maryland

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