1.3.20 Cheer in the New Year?

Certainly news today and most any day has plenty of weight. Perhaps there are those who pass someone waving thinking, “With as much as is going on, why does someone think there is any reason to wave like an idiot? Doesn’t she care or know about _________.”

I saw a satirical article today from a friend’s post with a smiling, relaxed looking photo and the heading, “‘I’m Feeling Good These Days’ Says Woman Who Obviously Does Not Get NYTimes Notifications.”

Just a reminder to self: being on the corner is in no way a denial of the hard and seemingly getting harder things that face our community, our nation, our world. I spend plenty of time fretful about the state of affairs. A part of the consistency of the corner is that there is room for joy in the constant tension. The wave as it is ignored or received is perhaps another alert that goes out into the atmosphere. For some it is a welcome sign that adds to a sense of connectedness and hope in the rush hour.

It was a bit tough to get out there today. After a bout with a cold and cough, and then with my parents in town and sick until yesterday, it’s been a while. At the turn of the new year, I find that it’s important to remember why I’m out here. Some of it’s still a mystery to me, but I know that it is in part because joy doesn’t always come naturally. It’s as if the wavers are part of a joy revolution and just knowing that other folks are trying and laughing and smiling and sharing that energy is enough to face some of the daily grind and divisions.

My non-satircal heading today would be: “‘I’m Waving Out Here These Days” Says Woman Who Somehow Keeps Finding Reasons To Smile Despite Doom.”  May it be so, friends. May the gumption keep coming with eleven months to go. Join me some time.

Today’s Highlight: When the commuter charter bus driver opened his door after our customary dance and called out into the drizzle, “Have a Happy New Year!”

Right back at you.

2010.1.3 Balloon Pastor Umbrella Canva

Published by Rev. Claire Matheny

Pastor | Kittamaqundi Community Church | Columbia, Maryland

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