1.1.20 New Year Joys

Joy in the New Year (Sick Edition): With the toll of parents being ill, stir crazy kiddos, and the prospect of trying to get back in the rhythm of things, looking for joy is a must.

Because my “Call to Joy” spiritual practice of balloon pastoring is a daily event–whether or not I am on the corner–the corner is on my heart and mind: the hum of people passing, the square patch of the community to stand on, and the diligent dog walkers pressing onward.

Five encouraging things to temper the setbacks:

  1. Coloring

One sign of joy came from a church member, famous for the coloring she sends via post. Here’s the front of her colorful page and her inscription for the back!


2. Movie Watching: “Christopher Robin”

Winnie the Pooh: …Well, that doesn’t sound like fun.

Christopher Robin: That’s the real world for you. Oh, Pooh, there’s more to life than just balloons and honey.

Except that Winnie’s One Hundred Acre Wood Wisdom prevails. When it comes to getting a balloon–

Winnie: I know I don’t need one, but I’d like one very, very much, please.

I think Winnie would appreciate the people of Columbia.


3. My Husband’s Pies

Pecan and pumpkin to plump us up while recovering. And a big thanks to a church member who brought delicious soups and bread for my ailing parents!


 4. Storytime

Having my daughter choose one of her Christmas books for us to read before bed as we learn together. Tonight: Elise Gravel’s What is a Refugee? 

What is a Refugee by Elise Gravel


       5.  Friends Taking on Inspiring Resolutions

Pastor Friend Rachel writes:

“Starting a new insta account to share my #2020 journey to reduce my consumption of single use plastics. I will share ideas, reviews and links, little victories and missteps. If you are interested you can follow me @taking_smallsteps”



Wishing you all a blessed (balloon-full) start to 2020!

Published by Rev. Claire Matheny

Pastor | Kittamaqundi Community Church | Columbia, Maryland

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