12.23.19 Runaway Balloon

12.23.19 Balloon Pastor Red Uh oh
Before the Balloon Escaped!


Friends, I started the wave today with a red balloon. Imagine my dismay when fifteen minutes later I looked down and realized that my balloon was no longer there. The string must of come loose and off it flew!

Ahh bullocks… I didn’t mean to send off the balloon into the environment! Penance required!

Not only did I feel like a litterer in that moment, but who is balloon pastor without balloon? Thankfully, people still took to waving. Between the bright sunshine and approaching holidays, drivers seemed in festive spirits. Several people rolled down the window to yell: “Season’s Greetings!” or “Merry Christmas!” Also, several of my congregants (now clued into what I am up to after yesterday’s church service), offered their loud toots and shouts.

Given that many think I am out there as a sign of holiday cheer, they are going to be a bit surprised when I don’t disappear with Epiphany!

Biggest blessing of the day: I looked up and a man had come right up to me with what I took to be his son–an early teenager. He said that they had been seeing me wave and wanted to know more about it. “Are you running a social experiment?” “Are you running for office?”

They had parked and walked down the hill to come and talk with me. I told them about the joy and the plan to be around for a while. They seemed genuinely interested in the effort and wanted his son to be learn from the encounter. I shared: “I have two kids. I want them to have a community where there are visible signs of joy.”

The fact that a father stopped and took out time in a busy afternoon to come and talk to me with his son was an early Christmas gift to me. After they left I wished that I had asked, “How joy going for you?”

So, friends, how is joy going for you? 

I inadvertantly let the the balloon slip away today, but certainly joy showed up in full view.

The Bright Sun Today

Published by Rev. Claire Matheny

Pastor | Kittamaqundi Community Church | Columbia, Maryland

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