12.22.19 Kittamaqundi Community

Today I shared with my church what I have been up to in these last weeks. I donned my hat and told them about the long months of resistance and then the yes! of making my way to the corner to wave. It was phenomenal to connect with folks after worship to hear about how they are being tugged toward joy. This congregation certainly is a huge part of my inspiration to put myself out there. Thank you to all who shared their love and for the hospitality they offer all.

Also, we were particularly blessed at the end of worship when one of the Cold Weather Shelter participants asked to share a little bit and offer thanks to the church for hosting. It has been a big week with so many in the KC community and Beth Shalom pitching in to make meals, offer hospitality, entertain, host, and do laundry.

From our barn to your heart– Stay tuned!

19.12.22 Balloon Pastor KC




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