12.19.19 Claire!

Thank goodness I got out there before Commuter Charter Bus Driver passed. We continue our daily dance-a-thon. Shortly after, I looked around to see that someone had parked their car on Vantage Point and was approaching me.

Visitor: Hi, I’ve just wanted to know what you are doing. I keep seeing you always out here waving, and I just would like to know.

Me: I’m just hoping to bring a bit of joy.

Visitor: That’s what I thought! I just saw you and I knew that’s what it had to be.

Me: How’s joy going for you?

Visitor: I could use some more joy happening.

She then shared about her mom who has passed some time ago. She knew how to look for joyful things that she called “happenings” and this had always encouraged her daughter. I got to be one of the happenings in this visitor’s life today. When I introduced myself: “Claire,” she echoed back, “My name is Claire!” Who doesn’t love those moments of synchonicity?

She encouraged me on to keep it up. I invited Claire to stop by again some time and even to join me one day waving. “It’s amazing how much space the waving can open up in you! You’ve made my day, Claire, thank you!” I offered. “You, too. You, too. I’m glad I stopped!” she shared back.





Published by Rev. Claire Matheny

Pastor | Kittamaqundi Community Church | Columbia, Maryland

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