12.13.19 Friday the Wet 13th

19.12.13 Balloon Pastor WetIn the car at the intersection to turn–

Me: I wish I could wave with the balloon today, but it’s too wet and sloshy.

Daughter: Why? You could go out with an umbrella!

Me: That’s true. But it is pretty soaked. It’s been raining all day.

Daughter: Yeah, but you could do an umbrella and rainboots and still wave.

Me: Yeah, I could. But, it’s hard for folks to wave when the roads are so wet and continuing to rain–they need to keep an eye fully on road.

Daughter: I guess so. Yeah, they need to be safe.

Me: There’s the corner over there. That’s where I stand. Let’s give it a wave.

Me and Daughter: (waving a blessing at the corner in anticipation of another day).

Thoughts go out to those slogging home on Friday the 13th in a busy season! Dampness has a way of creeping into the bones.

Giving thanks for two big holiday programs from the kids today.  Giving thanks for the chance to help my daughter learn her lines for Sunday’s play.

…”I like the story about the wise men who followed the star.”

Prayers flowing for all who are in desperate search and feel on the verge of something big. Keep following the star, even through the slush and fog. You can give out a big wave to let the future know you are on the way!

Published by Rev. Claire Matheny

Pastor | Kittamaqundi Community Church | Columbia, Maryland

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