12.12.19 A Familiar Wave

Two vignettes from the afternoon on the corner waving:

1.) A Fed Ex Truck Driver rolls down his window

Driver:  What are you doing out here? Are you with Vantage House? (the senior housing building)

Me: No, I am the pastor from the church up the road (pointing at the hill behind us). I am hoping to learn the neighborhood a bit more and share some joy.

Driver:  Well, we sure need joy right now.

Me: You got a long day still ahead?

Driver: One more delivery and then I am home!

Me: It’s bound to be a busy season. Hope you have a good evening!

Driver: Thank you, you too!


2.) A young woman in a black car who paused right in front of me and rolled down her window to call out good naturedly

Driver: What are you doing out here? I’ve seen you a couple of times now and am curious.

Me: I am the pastor at the church up the road looking to get to know the block better. And I’m looking to share joy.

Driver: Well, you’ve definitely got me feeling joyful! Thank you!!

19.12.12 Balloon Pastor purple self

Two seemingly simple interactions, but so filling amidst the waving today. Some cars are starting to seem familiar. The same people turning down the same street around the same time of day. Some of the waving itself from passersby feels familiar–like they have seen this funny lady with the balloon before and here she is again! The energetic waves are a blessing.

Thinking tonight of all those delivery drivers dashing to get packages out on time. Thinking of all those driving by who could use some more signs of joy. Giving thanks for interactions with strangers that  transcend the boundaries of waver and wavee. For the collective yearning for signs of connection that we seek. For unity that comes with familarty.


Published by Rev. Claire Matheny

Pastor | Kittamaqundi Community Church | Columbia, Maryland

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