12.11.19 A Touch of Sunset


Top gratitudes on the corner while waving today:

1) The joyous driver of the big Commuter charter bus that rolls up to the bus stop around 4:20 p.m. We mirror each other doing a hand dance wave while laughing.

2) The numerous kids today waving from the back seat excitedly, their heads bobbing and peaking above the car door frames.

3) The guy who tooted twice while my back was to him so that I would turn around to see him double waving and I double waved back with gusto.

3) The man who rolled down his window while turning, “You running for office or something?” Me: “No, just hoping to spread a bit of joy.” Driver: “Thank you!”

4) The bright sun that has been missing for a string of days that steadily set as we all whir toward the solstice. It kissed the trees and horizon and brought a renwed sense of warmth and possibility.

I met with two dear pastor friends today for lunch. I decided to tell this about this new spiritual practice, this waving on corner while holding balloon activity. I haven’t shared about this with a whole lot of people yet. I’ll be sharing more with my congregation soon and was curious as to how I would describe what is happening to me from the inside out. There is more room and elasticity, but I know the practice sounds outlandish.

I tried to describe the bursting feeling that pours out while interacting at the intersection of so many peoples’ lives all at once. I tried to capture the gratitude of being welcomed, into beautiful moments of peoples’ journeys. I talked of the relationships that can build as I seek to return at some steady times and start to encounter some of the same people walk and drive by this same spot. I described what it feels like to stand at the threshold of my neighborhood and wave hospitably to all who are entering and exiting. This is holy ground.

19.12.11 Balloon Pastor Sun Set canva



Published by Rev. Claire Matheny

Pastor | Kittamaqundi Community Church | Columbia, Maryland

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