12.10.19 Cherry Picker

19.12.10 Balloon Pastor Cherry PickerMy son loves trucks. At bedtime we often read through books outlining all the construction vehicles. A cherry picker is often among them.

The utility worker waved today before he climbed up to work on the camera at Little Patuxent west bound. I thought of the skill necessary to operate the machinery and to fix the technical gadget capturing footage of folks as they zoom by. The specific hydraulic lift and this particular trained worker were necessary for the proper repair.

I watched as a lane of traffic was blocked by the cones and people had to negotiate around it.

I was able to get some time waving in the morning before the rain started. One child and mother were on the way to the 7-11 at Running Brook. There were more pedestrians at the 9:00 hour and many who passed spoke with me. A couple of them asked me “what this was all about?” One pointed to the apartments she lived in.  I mentioned that I had been serving as the pastor at the church just up the road for 18 months. I had enjoyed getting to know my folks and am getting to know the neighborhood more. I am trying to learn the rhythms of the community as well as perhaps share and receive joy. I continued to wave and had many in cars give a toot and/or wave.

This carried me well into deep conversations at the clergy meeting I attended right after my time on the corner. One colleague spoke about immigration and the ongoing challenges immigrants face in our county. I thought to my place on the corner and how many immigrants must pass by on a daily basis–some assured of their status, many uncertain.

My prayers go with those facing deep uncertainty in their lives–those who at every corner have to navigate new hazards. I pray for the kind of repair that marries the specific skills needed at the right time to fix what is not working. I pray for those who don’t know what their next step will be in the face of serious obstacles. I pray for those who are trying desperately to support those who are most in peril right now, those most in need of signs of joy in our midst.



Published by Rev. Claire Matheny

Pastor | Kittamaqundi Community Church | Columbia, Maryland

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