12.9.19 Washout

Inked19.12.9 Ballon Pastor Washout 2

Rain. Rain almost the full day without letting up. Consistent. Soggy, soaking kind of rain. I thought more than once about jumping out there on the corner. I had my balloon ready to go an my golashes all set.

Instead, I have been here at the church thinking on all the neighbors huddled in today keeping warm. My thoughts go out to all those who don’t have shelter and are scrambling to stay dry.

Next Monday, our church is hosting the Cold Weather Shelter for a week. Folks from our church and from Beth Shalom will be making meals, providing transport, doing laundry, and sharing in conversation and entertainment. This is an important ministry that has been kept up over the years thanks to countless volunteers and dedicated coordinators.

From inside our Carriage House Barn, I pray for the comfort of all those who will be coming to be housed within these big stone walls. I pray for all those facing the challenges of vulnerable housing and no housing. I pray that this community this block, this neighborhood can continue to be a place of welcome. May joy be found in the connections. May hope come on washout days in the retreat to regain energy.

Published by Rev. Claire Matheny

Pastor | Kittamaqundi Community Church | Columbia, Maryland

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