12.6.19 Sprinkles

Lady in the bright green sedan: “What are you doing out here?”

Me: “Trying to spread a little joy.”

In the midst of the light rain on an overcast afternoon, the lady pulled up to the light and rolled down her passenger side window. Her question was the same I had received via countless puzzled looks cast my way. She shrugged at my answer and waved back as the light changed.

I enjoyed when the UPS driver from a couple of days ago drive by and smiled and said something like, “You are out again!”

It felt like the kind of small, incremental step of community building among the many, other important ways of reaching out.

I bubbled up with gratitude looking out and waving. I had a sense of the Spirit seeing us, knowing us all. Each wave was another opportunity to communicate that sense of knowingness. And I received it back, “I know you!”

I’ve noticed that when someone does wave enthusiastically toward me, I do this little bend and a double wave of hello. And my heart is full. And everything feels as spacious as the big gray sky as it sprinkles a rain of recognition.

19.12.6 Balloon Purple2




Published by Rev. Claire Matheny

Pastor | Kittamaqundi Community Church | Columbia, Maryland

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